Monday, 28 September 2009

#1: Blog One

Hello ladies and gentlemen and everything in between, welcome to my space on the internet. I have always felt that I wasn’t the best at writing or putting articles together and so my blogs are a way for me to improve my writing while giving a good ol rant from time to time. I am what you might call a visualist, I see everything in images and compositions. I constantly visualise ideas and I constantly looking at images. It’s an obsession that I am not willing to let go.

Some of early my previous work, basically I bummed around like a homeless dude and photographed everything.

I started photography in the summer of 2005 more as a hobby to keep myself busy during a stint of unemployed. I had always had an interest in images throughout my life but I finally decided to actually use a camera to indulge my curiosity of the world around me.

More early work

It soon snowballed into a passion and generator of a second income. Back then I shot everything; landscapes, abstracts, objects, people, events and even weddings. About 2 yrs ago I discovered I enjoyed mostly creating images ………………… what does that mean you ask?
It’s where I develop a concept or an idea and then implement the idea in a shoot creating a series of images which express that idea.  I have been creating images for the past 2 yrs as fine art photography and also in fashion photography. I am getting to the stage where I am thinking what the hell do I do with my images and what sort of way can I sell my ideas/images to people? Who can I sell my images to? What image making industry do I work in? fashion, portraiture, movies etc. Yes I enjoy making images and I would do it for free but I’ve got a wife and a mortgage and everybody knows they are both expensive. No I don’t want to do weddings as it is not where my heart lies and I don’t really enjoy it.

New images based on concepts and ideas

Fashion seems like an obvious choice but I do wonder if I have a passion for fashion.  When I look at the work of great fashion photographers, an underlying theme is their passion for the industry and how it comes through in their work regardless of their style. I will be praying and devoting the next few months to creating fashion images to see whether it is where my heart lies. Purpose and direction are key to the next few months of my world.
More of my images can be seen on

If you are a sci-fi junkie like yours truly, you may be interested in this new show

It starts tonite at 9pm on Channel 5 …………. I know right …………. Channel 5 actually has some decent shows, kudos to them, they did have The Mentalist was on there as well, can’t wait for the new series .

Stay blessed


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