Tuesday, 9 February 2010

#14 Updates

Last weekend myself and a bunch of Photographers (Jide Alakija, Trey Atarhe Mujakporue and Ade Adetayo) came together to raise some money and awareness for the children of Haiti. The event was put together by a talented make up artist Bolanle Okusanya Feyita. This was an entirely charitable event, with every artist volunteering their expertise to work together in creating beautiful images in order to raise funds for Haiti. 
It was a hell of a day of shooting, playing and hanging out. We managed to raise over £1000 (not sure about the exact amount) which was donated to the Compassion charity Compassionuk (charity registration no 1077216).
Hopefully some portraits will be allowed to go up. 

Zsofia Weber Shoot

Zsofia Weber shoot

Heres something different from portraits ............... FASHION .............well not completely different. I got to photograph clothes for a talented clothes designer Zsofia Weber. I worked with Phoenix Martins (Model), Anne Duncan (Make-up artist) and Segun Okelarin (stylist).

Phoenix is Fierce


Avatar: the last Airbender
Onto something else, if you are a big avatar fan like me (no not the James Cameron one, which was awesome by the way) you will love this. I loved the cartoon series when it aired a few years back, great story and characters. The Last Airbender comes out this summer.

The teaser

The kick ass trailer

Can't wait

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the movie now? It was a HUGE disappointment to me! I fell in love with the trailers as well.. big mistake! xx