Wednesday, 28 October 2009

#4: The journey begins ..............

What the hell am I?
Yes I love creating images ........... but images about what?
Am I fashion photographer? a conceptual portrait photographer? 
I am unsure of the answer at the moment and I have decided to challenge myself for the next 6 months to find my purpose in photography (I am all about purpose these days). 

What would I love to shoot if photography was my 9 - 5. I have decided to concentrate on fashion for the next few months and see if I have a voice in that aspect of photography. My blog will act as my journal of sorts of my journey.

Last monday I put together a fashion test shoot with a bunch of creatives (Apple blossom ..... 
my super stylista and wife, Buki Becks ..... creative make up artist and hair stylist, Pauline and Natasha ....... lovely models from Oxygen and Tanielle Lobo ...... fantastic fashion designer). 
I have learnt that putting together the right team is essential for any shoot and will make or break the images. I take the time to cast and pick the right people to create the right look for the images, the absence of any is a reschedule. I have also found everybodys energy and effort is essential in making th shoot work, from models, wardrobe stylists to assistants, its a real team effort.
Here's an image from the shoot and please note its not been retouched

Also I have to mention my boy Tunde who came out to help us for the day ........ we couldn't have done it without you buddy ........... I can see his head getting even bigger. Here's a shot of Tunde feeling like some sorta of model ................... really dude don't give up the day job.

And here his positioned himself between two of my models ....................greedy boy

Images from the shoot will go up when I retouch, hopefully I can get sometime this weekend

The journey continues ...............

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Jide Alakija said...

Good stuff buddy, as I said you're a photographer period! Stop trying to box yourself into something that you're not, just take the shots you like, the more you do the more your image and style will come out and it will be obvious what you like.

As it stands you don't take photos of Weddings, so we know you are not a wedding photographer.

What I'm getting at is that you know what you like and what you don't so just keep doing what you like.