Tuesday, 3 November 2009

#5: Fashionistas night out

Fashion rocks for the childrens trust
On the 29th of October I was fortunate to cover an event called Fashion rocks, which was for the childrens trust  charity. It was a show of catwalk fashion and music entertainment from upcoming artists. The show was put together by the talented and beautiful Karena Sedgwick and was hosted by Samuel J Hextall.

Fashion shows are always interesting events to go to, the flowing of champagne, the crazy fashionista outfits, the fashion kiss on both cheeks followed by the word ‘darling’ somewhere, the frantic backstage chaos as the countdown begins, the excited models looking to strut their stuff. Its all good fun and glamour.

Well at this event they had pink butlers ………………………. What the hell is the a pink butler you ask? Look at the picture below

Yeap that's a pink butler

Yes that’s right ……………….. guys wearing next to nothing. Ok so what happened to a pink butleress?  (is that a word …………….. oh who cares). The guys we cool and seem to have done quite a few events. They were there to serve canapés and snacks, talk about girl power.

Apart from the fashion show, there were stalls of concessions by outfit designer, jewellery designers and various other establishments selling their work. The standard of work on display was pretty good. Some of the companies on display included The Collective by Reeme & Nina, Hussaindeyn, Urban Spark, Amelia Herbert Hair etc.

Music performances by Gabrielle Aplin,The Zemitones and Rocko.

Gabrielle Aplin

My favourite performance of the night was by Gabrielle, she has one hell of voice and she’s just 16. Check her out on Youtube (Isn’t Youtube great, it completes the cyber stalking experience with videos. Anyway I google almost everybody I meet).

Music by the talented Zemitones

Last event of the night was a burlesque performance by the talented and glamorous Agent Lynch and it was an interesting experience seeing as I had never been to such a performance before.

Well done to Karena for putting on a great event

It was a great night out with the missus and her friend Tan Tans baby and off course my truste camera.

Till next time.


lotionspotionsandme said...

Hmmmm, why on earth are you looking for a pink butleress!!!!!

Lola said...

but wait, one sec....what happens if they are black peeps? brown butlers?? or does the pink refer to the napkin tired around their waist???

hmmm....either way, i LIKE the idea lol.