Friday, 13 November 2009

#7: A wedding story

A few weeks ago a close friend Dave (aka The Chinese Dragon ……. Yeap you heard that right) decided to get married to the lovely Zee. I helped them get a few images on the wedding day and NO I don’t do weddings. He has leverage with some university pictures that I would rather no one else saw, so I had to pick up my camera and do some shooting. DAMN you Dave Cheung!!! Shooting at this wedding reminded me of the craziness of shooting weddings; the fast pace, the thinking on your feet, accessing and controlling light ………….. Man I kinda miss that madness. Everything moves so fast that you can miss a crucial moment in a split second and lets just say you can never get the moment back again. At weddings I found my self anticipating moments by people watching and I sometimes still do ………………….. yes very sad.

I caught this moment as a I was people watching and no this is not the bride and groom

Why did I stop weddings?
Because I didn’t have any interest in wedding photography anymore …………….. my heart got seriously deflated about the notion of spending the whole day running around and creating memorable images.

Because it took too much of my time. Having a 9 to 5 and a life makes shooting weddings a time consuming affair that doesn’t seem to go away. The pandering to the client’s needs and the delivery of online slideshows, proof books, coffee table albums gave me the biggest headache.

Because I wanted to spend the little photography time I had doing things I wanted i.e. making creative images that are inspired by the life around me.

So there you have it folks, the reason I stopped doing wedding about a year and a half ago. Funny thing is I never really thought of taking wedding photos, a friend of mine saw my images and commissioned me to do some of her wedding images. It kinda snowballed from there.

Here are a few images from Dave and Zees wedding, love you guys.

boy they were having fun, you'd think they all got married

The lovely bride and groom

Thank God its friday

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