Monday, 9 November 2009

#6: I have an idea

I hereby promise not to over complicate my concepts and ideas.
Man I am a sucker for over complicated ideas and big type shoots. Hmmmm…………… maybe I am becoming an Annie Leibowitz type photographer ……………….. well thank God my wife slapped me back into reality. So from now I am keeping the idea simple and develop it better for depth. I have found that over thought ideas and grand impression concepts make shoots expensive and burdened with drama, I am so out and keeping simple.

I am one of those people with a thousand ideas who always wants to shoot every single one of the them, I have crazy concepts and grand ideas on the types of the shoot I would love to do. But I have learnt to crawl before I walk, learn the basics and manage and nurture the simple ideas while keeping them effective but not complicated.

I now carry a notepad everywhere I go so I can write my inspired ideas on the go. The notepad is basically a scratch pad of scribbles and thoughts, so that I don’t forget what’s on my mind. This really helps to stick to and fully recollect the idea as I initially imagined it.

On Saturday I conducted a beauty/make-up test shoot with a few talented creatives,(Anne Sarah Duncan (make up artist), Debbie Moxhey (Hair stylist), Clare and Elena (from Oxygen models)).  The great thing about tests is that it is an opportunity to learn and develop my photography while working with other creatives who are also interested in developing great images. I won’t go into the nitty gritty but my biggest lesson among others was to keep the idea simple and think everything through thoroughly with another creative person or persons.

Heres a shot from the shoot and no its not a beauty shot, this was more for me cause I like images like this with certain darkness and atmosphere ……………. No I am not the devil spawn. This image is unfinished so I am still working on it.

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Jide Alakija said...

Wow! What a great idea. I wonder what else there is to finish, this is a great image. IMHO