Friday, 7 January 2011

#18: New year, New plans

Happy new year all,

Its the new year and the resolutions are flying around. I can't say I make new year resolutions
but I will definitely changing a few things and putting new plans in place. I am working on a few projects for this year, and my work is going to be more project based in 2011. I am excited about the ideas cooking up in my head.
A few new images from a portrait session with science writer Aarathi Prasad and her daughter Tara.

They are both gorgeous


DrAjao said...

Beautiful portraits!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I would bone the shit outta that whore.

Anonymous said...

That is the truth brother, she needs it bad talking about a sexless future...she needs it bad !

Anonymous said...

Brains and great beauty, I wish I had a woman like her.

Ken Curtis said...

Whoever moderates this comment section or the owner of the website should show Dr Prasad the respect she deserves and delete the crude and ignorant comments above