Thursday, 13 January 2011

#20: Advertising work for Ile-Oba

Its great when you get a phone call for a commision, it shows somebody regards your work good enough for their brand. A few months ago I got a call from the creative director of Ile-Oba Funmi Immanuel who wanted myself and my missus to work on the images for her website and press pack. What was doubly cool was that she hired the missus for the styling for the shoot, there's nothing better than working with my wife, sharing and brain storming ideas.

Funmi creates Aso Oke (a traditional Nigerian attire used to make various garments) which presented a bit of challenge for my wife on the styling front as it is not conventional styling of fashion pieces. I think she did an amazing job putting things together and creating various looks.
Another great thing was that we were given creative control ........... AWESOME. Although that's great we decided to speak to Funmi to get insight into the direction for her company. This helped us develop a concept for the shoot, which was based on the name of her company Ile-Oba which translates into House of the King. We thought it would be great to push idea of the royalty and opulence which reflects Funmis garments and vision. This presented the challenge of finding the right shoot location, in this occasion shooting in a studio would not work for the concept. After some serious searching I found a great venue in Notting Hill that reflected old quirky royalty.

I think we did alrite considering we were in the process of moving house from the sticks of hertfordshire back to NW London. Man moving is stressful

If you are looking for some great Aso Oke pieces then visit
The talented Melissa Rose did the make-up and hair and Lola was our model for the day


Adebayo Deru said...

Simply love your work.. Stunning stuff!

Christ Couture Girl said...

Your work is beautiful and well done!

Anonymous said...

ade and segun! this is so lovely!wow!

Jendella. said...

the images are beautiful

Funmi Immanuel said...

Asiko you & Segun did a fantastic job. The results speak for themselves and both of you were really great to work with - very professional & you put us (DC & I) at ease.
I will recommend you & definitely work with you again.