Tuesday, 22 December 2009

#10: Cakes Cakes Cakes

Anybody that knows me knows I am THE cake monster. I know good cake when I taste it and sometimes just by smell alone. Sponge cake, Carrot cake, Victoria sandwich, Angel cake, Chocolate chip muffins, Strawberry and white chocolate muffins ………………. Dear God I’m drooling ………………. Anyho, I think you can guess I love cake.

PS if you are looking for a place where they have AMAZING cake ……………..  Maison Blanc in West Hampstead among other places.

My wife and all round superwoman has many talents, one of which is baking ……………. Man imagine that, God really loves me, she’s stunning and she can bake. She decided to pursue her baking a bit further a few months back and was commissioned to create a wedding cake. So in the run up to the wedding she did a few practice runs and I was the guinea pig, well I don’t mind being a cake eating guinea pig. Only thing is the wedding cake was a fruit cake tier and chocolate cupcakes. Dammit!!! my two least favourite cakes. Question; why do people have fruit cakes at weddings? its frigin disgusting, for the sake of the living God, its cake not a fruit mould. My missus is AMAZING cos she baked a fruit cake that I could actually eat and say not bad honey, not bad at all. She created  a nice blended fruit cake which is a bit different from the conventional fruit cake. The chocolate cupcakes were on another level; sweet, tasty and moist with great texture.

I can’t wait for her Christmas cake surprise and no it’s none of that fruit cake nonsense. Any budding cake makers who think they know how to bake, send me a sample and I will be the judge of that LOL (PS don’t send me any fruit cake or your asking for an ass whooping)

After she finished baking and packing, I decided to take a break from stuffing my face and be a good husband and take some pictures. Here are some images below;

All prettied up and ready for the wedding

On the cupcake stand

Decided to get creative and shoot outside the back of our house in the snow

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

#9: This is funny ..................

Some of my friends who are wedding photographers lament about their drama with clients and God knows I have had my fair share of demands.

This video sent to me by another photographer (Jide Alakija) sums up a lot of that craziness, its hilarious 

I found some very inspiring words from a very cool photography blog run by Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai who runs PhotoDino blog. All these ring true

  • Disregard those who say you “must” do this or “can’t” do that. Art is not about limitations and restrictions.
  • If you are frustrated with your work, focus on one area at a time. You can’t climb three mountains at once.
  • Ruts are things we fall into when we work habitually rather than consistently. Switch off your auto-pilot.
  • Perfectionists: consider printing and signing your work. It forces you to take ownership and eliminates excuses.
  • Allow your sessions to breathe. Pauses help you to steer the session organically, and to keep your head clear.
  • Walk all the way around your subject and watch how the light changes the scene and mood. Light is a creative tool.
  • The common denominator in all your sessions is you. Shoot for you first and your clients will always know what to expect.
  • Don’t be so quick to delete and discard failed photos. Study them to learn what to do differently next time.
  • Personal space is mental, emotional, and physical. The key to a great portrait is to know how to be invited in.
  • Know your technique so that you can forget it. Focusing on the technical robs your subjects of your full attention.
  • Overshooting out of fear of missing “the shot” often means “the shot” never happens. Shoot less, engage more.
  • Portraits are like short stories; the elements that don’t add to your story will detract. Choose details carefully.
  • In portraits, mood/expression is key. Light, comp, backgrounds, post-processing, and contrast must work together to support it.
  • Each time you pick up the camera, you hold the raw materials to create a masterpiece. Shoot like you mean it.
  • Improving your work requires practice. Musicians don’t play only when they’re on stage.
  • Don’t allow yourself to fixate solely on your perceived weaknesses. Own your strengths and be proud of them.
  • If the most eye-catching part of your image is the action you ran, it may be time to reassess your work.

Friday, 20 November 2009

#8: The shoot cycle

I have been doing test shoots for about 2yrs now and I tend to enjoy most of them. I actually get a high when the ideas come together well and I get the shoots I am looking for. Now what is a test shoot; it’s basically a shoot mutually agreed between a bunch of creatives (photographer, model, make up artist, etc) for the purpose of developing their respective portfolios. At these types of shoots, the costs are divided between the creatives and everybody provides their services for free.
Before any shoot I think about an idea that represents the concept of the shoot. For me, idea is key and I am not happy going into a shoot without a suitably formulated concept. Once the idea is put together, everything else follows from there from choosing the right model for the shoot and other creatives (make up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist) to picking the colour scheme. I have found that picking the right creative is paramount in making or breaking the shoot among other things. For example; If a model cannot pose or act to illustrate the message you are trying to put across, either it be fashion or a story, then it will hurt the image. I take my time to pick the right people and I am getting better at it from continuous testing.

A beauty image from a recent test shoot

While I am putting the creatives together, I am also looking for a location which could be a studio or location depending on the concept put together.  Outside locations are particularly challenging as I am at the mercy of the British weather. Closer to the shoot date I brain storm with the various creatives involved and explain my ideas and what they need to do for the shoot.
Shoot day and I make sure to have a nice day, get some nice breakfast ………………. Full English baby!!! toast, eggs, baked beans, sausages and bacon, my mouth is watering already. Listen to my favourite music on the way into the shoot so I am in a good happy mood. Its important to give a nice friendly vibe packed with a some energy to create the right atmosphere for everybody in the shoot. To help even more I am gonna be purchasing an ipod touch to create a jamming session. Creative people love the right vibe, it can make or break the shoot ……………… it seriously can. That’s why divas and big personalities ask for puppies or flowers at events …………….. I am not condoning it, but from what I know it creates the right state of mind for them to feel comfortable in. NO I will not make any diva demands …………………….. yet, give me a few years LOL. Very importantly I pray to God before any shoot and commit the exercise into his hands (yes that’s right G-O-D, well He did give me the talent, so He is very instrumental in how I use it).
After the shoot is done, I load the images unto my PC (yes a Windows PC and I am very ashamed to say so, I will get a MAC soon) and review and process them in Adobe Lightroom. Extra creative stuff is done in Adobe Photoshop.

another image from a recent fashion test shoot. I really liked having the horse in the background, I thought it added something intriguing to the image

Putting together a shoot is quite involving, a lot of time and effort goes into making the images look the way they look.
I am at an exciting time right now as I embark on a journey with a few animal friends ……………. Watch this space, all will be revealed.

Have a great weekend
I know I will

Friday, 13 November 2009

#7: A wedding story

A few weeks ago a close friend Dave (aka The Chinese Dragon ……. Yeap you heard that right) decided to get married to the lovely Zee. I helped them get a few images on the wedding day and NO I don’t do weddings. He has leverage with some university pictures that I would rather no one else saw, so I had to pick up my camera and do some shooting. DAMN you Dave Cheung!!! Shooting at this wedding reminded me of the craziness of shooting weddings; the fast pace, the thinking on your feet, accessing and controlling light ………….. Man I kinda miss that madness. Everything moves so fast that you can miss a crucial moment in a split second and lets just say you can never get the moment back again. At weddings I found my self anticipating moments by people watching and I sometimes still do ………………….. yes very sad.

I caught this moment as a I was people watching and no this is not the bride and groom

Why did I stop weddings?
Because I didn’t have any interest in wedding photography anymore …………….. my heart got seriously deflated about the notion of spending the whole day running around and creating memorable images.

Because it took too much of my time. Having a 9 to 5 and a life makes shooting weddings a time consuming affair that doesn’t seem to go away. The pandering to the client’s needs and the delivery of online slideshows, proof books, coffee table albums gave me the biggest headache.

Because I wanted to spend the little photography time I had doing things I wanted i.e. making creative images that are inspired by the life around me.

So there you have it folks, the reason I stopped doing wedding about a year and a half ago. Funny thing is I never really thought of taking wedding photos, a friend of mine saw my images and commissioned me to do some of her wedding images. It kinda snowballed from there.

Here are a few images from Dave and Zees wedding, love you guys.

boy they were having fun, you'd think they all got married

The lovely bride and groom

Thank God its friday

Monday, 9 November 2009

#6: I have an idea

I hereby promise not to over complicate my concepts and ideas.
Man I am a sucker for over complicated ideas and big type shoots. Hmmmm…………… maybe I am becoming an Annie Leibowitz type photographer ……………….. well thank God my wife slapped me back into reality. So from now I am keeping the idea simple and develop it better for depth. I have found that over thought ideas and grand impression concepts make shoots expensive and burdened with drama, I am so out and keeping simple.

I am one of those people with a thousand ideas who always wants to shoot every single one of the them, I have crazy concepts and grand ideas on the types of the shoot I would love to do. But I have learnt to crawl before I walk, learn the basics and manage and nurture the simple ideas while keeping them effective but not complicated.

I now carry a notepad everywhere I go so I can write my inspired ideas on the go. The notepad is basically a scratch pad of scribbles and thoughts, so that I don’t forget what’s on my mind. This really helps to stick to and fully recollect the idea as I initially imagined it.

On Saturday I conducted a beauty/make-up test shoot with a few talented creatives,(Anne Sarah Duncan (make up artist), Debbie Moxhey (Hair stylist), Clare and Elena (from Oxygen models)).  The great thing about tests is that it is an opportunity to learn and develop my photography while working with other creatives who are also interested in developing great images. I won’t go into the nitty gritty but my biggest lesson among others was to keep the idea simple and think everything through thoroughly with another creative person or persons.

Heres a shot from the shoot and no its not a beauty shot, this was more for me cause I like images like this with certain darkness and atmosphere ……………. No I am not the devil spawn. This image is unfinished so I am still working on it.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

#5: Fashionistas night out

Fashion rocks for the childrens trust
On the 29th of October I was fortunate to cover an event called Fashion rocks, which was for the childrens trust  charity. It was a show of catwalk fashion and music entertainment from upcoming artists. The show was put together by the talented and beautiful Karena Sedgwick and was hosted by Samuel J Hextall.

Fashion shows are always interesting events to go to, the flowing of champagne, the crazy fashionista outfits, the fashion kiss on both cheeks followed by the word ‘darling’ somewhere, the frantic backstage chaos as the countdown begins, the excited models looking to strut their stuff. Its all good fun and glamour.

Well at this event they had pink butlers ………………………. What the hell is the a pink butler you ask? Look at the picture below

Yeap that's a pink butler

Yes that’s right ……………….. guys wearing next to nothing. Ok so what happened to a pink butleress?  (is that a word …………….. oh who cares). The guys we cool and seem to have done quite a few events. They were there to serve canapés and snacks, talk about girl power.

Apart from the fashion show, there were stalls of concessions by outfit designer, jewellery designers and various other establishments selling their work. The standard of work on display was pretty good. Some of the companies on display included The Collective by Reeme & Nina, Hussaindeyn, Urban Spark, Amelia Herbert Hair etc.

Music performances by Gabrielle Aplin,The Zemitones and Rocko.

Gabrielle Aplin

My favourite performance of the night was by Gabrielle, she has one hell of voice and she’s just 16. Check her out on Youtube (Isn’t Youtube great, it completes the cyber stalking experience with videos. Anyway I google almost everybody I meet).

Music by the talented Zemitones

Last event of the night was a burlesque performance by the talented and glamorous Agent Lynch and it was an interesting experience seeing as I had never been to such a performance before.

Well done to Karena for putting on a great event

It was a great night out with the missus and her friend Tan Tans baby and off course my truste camera.

Till next time.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

#4: The journey begins ..............

What the hell am I?
Yes I love creating images ........... but images about what?
Am I fashion photographer? a conceptual portrait photographer? 
I am unsure of the answer at the moment and I have decided to challenge myself for the next 6 months to find my purpose in photography (I am all about purpose these days). 

What would I love to shoot if photography was my 9 - 5. I have decided to concentrate on fashion for the next few months and see if I have a voice in that aspect of photography. My blog will act as my journal of sorts of my journey.

Last monday I put together a fashion test shoot with a bunch of creatives (Apple blossom ..... 
my super stylista and wife, Buki Becks ..... creative make up artist and hair stylist, Pauline and Natasha ....... lovely models from Oxygen and Tanielle Lobo ...... fantastic fashion designer). 
I have learnt that putting together the right team is essential for any shoot and will make or break the images. I take the time to cast and pick the right people to create the right look for the images, the absence of any is a reschedule. I have also found everybodys energy and effort is essential in making th shoot work, from models, wardrobe stylists to assistants, its a real team effort.
Here's an image from the shoot and please note its not been retouched

Also I have to mention my boy Tunde who came out to help us for the day ........ we couldn't have done it without you buddy ........... I can see his head getting even bigger. Here's a shot of Tunde feeling like some sorta of model ................... really dude don't give up the day job.

And here his positioned himself between two of my models ....................greedy boy

Images from the shoot will go up when I retouch, hopefully I can get sometime this weekend

The journey continues ...............

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

#3: Lord won’t you buy me a …….

Rant start

Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes benz, My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends. Those are the lyrics to a song by Janis Joplin that was used in a Mercedes TV advert. Man!  are those words apt to my gadget list right now.  I so need new photography gear …………… new lights, new camera, new lenses, the list goes on. I wish I had a wishing well.

My Windows PC is falling apart …………….. yea that’s right I have a PC and I ain’t proud. I will hopefully be buying a MAC at the end of the year if the missus allows and hasn’t spent all the money on woman things and shoes …………………. Oh dear God shoes, why did you invent them Lord?………………. Don’t get me started. We have a factory at home, well I think there must be some kinda factory cos they keep appearing out of the blue.

“Dear I’ve never seen those shoes before, are they new?” “New, I’ve had these since last season, you don’t pay attention to my clothes, do you?”

The thing is if I paid attention I would have a brain haemorrhage as they are too many to keep up with. We are so having a car boot to get rid of some of that stuff.

I digress, back to the MAC, a thing of beauty, all 27 inches of her, I am so getting one. The new windows 7 design is a bit of a copy cat of the MAC operating system. For image makers a MAC is a must and a PC is just plain dust.

Contribute to Ades get a MAC trust fund, you won't be sorry you did.

Rant over

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

#2: The JFactor

Ok last weekend I attended the JFactor event in North West London and had a blast. I was commissioned to document the show, so I was working while enjoying the show. Now I bet you are wondering what is JFactor? Surely you mean the XFactor right? No I mean JFactor as in Jesus Factor, basically a Gospel inspired version of the XFactor.
Here’s a LINK to the JFactor website. The event has been growing from strength to strength and is in its 3rd year. I lifted this from the about section of the site;

J-Factor is a successful gospel talent show, founded by a group of young professionals eager to see talented people encouraged and nurtured. This year’s forthcoming competition marks the third of its kind running since 2007.  J-Factor aims to discover, nurture and showcase the vocal talents of aspiring singers whilst providing them with a launch pad to the music industry; much of our activities are currently done under the auspices of Jesus House, London.”

Before the competition I was commissioned to create portrait images for all 8 finalists. Hmmm……….. What to do? What to do? After some thought, I decided to shoot the photos in a nearby park in Northwest London (Brent reservoir park).  Due to time constraints I had just over an hour and a half to create shoot the portraits ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And furthermore I was at the mercy of the British weather which threatened to rain quite a few times. With a little sweat and the help of the JFactor team we were able to pull it off.

The 8 finalists all had great voices which made the competition very tight. On a whole the competition was well put together and the evening had a great atmosphere. Kudos to the JFactor team, who put on a hell of show (forgive the pun).

My niggles with the show ………………… yes I am going there.
The start time was supposed to be 6pm but African time was in full effect and hence the show started at 7pm ……………. WOW a whole hour late. We Africans need to get out of this African time mentality, we will never be taken seriously if we don’t keep to time.

The songs were a bit too long, in my humble opinion the songs need to be short and sweet. First verse, bridge it and then wrap it up. All the contestants sang every bit of the songs, seriously not needed.
Last niggle, most of the contestants choose the wrong songs which didn’t suit their voices. Also they kept picking obscure, unknown songs. If you want to hit it off with any crowd, pick songs everybody else knows, it creates a connection with your audience. Pick an unknown and the audience can’t relate or even sing along.

Fallon Farris (in orange in the line up) won the competition ……………….. yes her name sounds like a popstar already. She’s one heck of a talent with a very engaging personality that comes through in her performances; she was really a joy to watch. Bim Amoako-Gyampah was another stand out performer and the best voice in the competition. Kudos to her for picking all the right songs that suited her voice, her rendition of Beyonces Halo was one of the shows highlights.

I am looking forward to JFactor 2010.

Monday, 28 September 2009

#1: Blog One

Hello ladies and gentlemen and everything in between, welcome to my space on the internet. I have always felt that I wasn’t the best at writing or putting articles together and so my blogs are a way for me to improve my writing while giving a good ol rant from time to time. I am what you might call a visualist, I see everything in images and compositions. I constantly visualise ideas and I constantly looking at images. It’s an obsession that I am not willing to let go.

Some of early my previous work, basically I bummed around like a homeless dude and photographed everything.

I started photography in the summer of 2005 more as a hobby to keep myself busy during a stint of unemployed. I had always had an interest in images throughout my life but I finally decided to actually use a camera to indulge my curiosity of the world around me.

More early work

It soon snowballed into a passion and generator of a second income. Back then I shot everything; landscapes, abstracts, objects, people, events and even weddings. About 2 yrs ago I discovered I enjoyed mostly creating images ………………… what does that mean you ask?
It’s where I develop a concept or an idea and then implement the idea in a shoot creating a series of images which express that idea.  I have been creating images for the past 2 yrs as fine art photography and also in fashion photography. I am getting to the stage where I am thinking what the hell do I do with my images and what sort of way can I sell my ideas/images to people? Who can I sell my images to? What image making industry do I work in? fashion, portraiture, movies etc. Yes I enjoy making images and I would do it for free but I’ve got a wife and a mortgage and everybody knows they are both expensive. No I don’t want to do weddings as it is not where my heart lies and I don’t really enjoy it.

New images based on concepts and ideas

Fashion seems like an obvious choice but I do wonder if I have a passion for fashion.  When I look at the work of great fashion photographers, an underlying theme is their passion for the industry and how it comes through in their work regardless of their style. I will be praying and devoting the next few months to creating fashion images to see whether it is where my heart lies. Purpose and direction are key to the next few months of my world.
More of my images can be seen on www.asiko.net

If you are a sci-fi junkie like yours truly, you may be interested in this new show

It starts tonite at 9pm on Channel 5 …………. I know right …………. Channel 5 actually has some decent shows, kudos to them, they did have The Mentalist was on there as well, can’t wait for the new series .

Stay blessed