Tuesday, 22 December 2009

#10: Cakes Cakes Cakes

Anybody that knows me knows I am THE cake monster. I know good cake when I taste it and sometimes just by smell alone. Sponge cake, Carrot cake, Victoria sandwich, Angel cake, Chocolate chip muffins, Strawberry and white chocolate muffins ………………. Dear God I’m drooling ………………. Anyho, I think you can guess I love cake.

PS if you are looking for a place where they have AMAZING cake ……………..  Maison Blanc in West Hampstead among other places.

My wife and all round superwoman has many talents, one of which is baking ……………. Man imagine that, God really loves me, she’s stunning and she can bake. She decided to pursue her baking a bit further a few months back and was commissioned to create a wedding cake. So in the run up to the wedding she did a few practice runs and I was the guinea pig, well I don’t mind being a cake eating guinea pig. Only thing is the wedding cake was a fruit cake tier and chocolate cupcakes. Dammit!!! my two least favourite cakes. Question; why do people have fruit cakes at weddings? its frigin disgusting, for the sake of the living God, its cake not a fruit mould. My missus is AMAZING cos she baked a fruit cake that I could actually eat and say not bad honey, not bad at all. She created  a nice blended fruit cake which is a bit different from the conventional fruit cake. The chocolate cupcakes were on another level; sweet, tasty and moist with great texture.

I can’t wait for her Christmas cake surprise and no it’s none of that fruit cake nonsense. Any budding cake makers who think they know how to bake, send me a sample and I will be the judge of that LOL (PS don’t send me any fruit cake or your asking for an ass whooping)

After she finished baking and packing, I decided to take a break from stuffing my face and be a good husband and take some pictures. Here are some images below;

All prettied up and ready for the wedding

On the cupcake stand

Decided to get creative and shoot outside the back of our house in the snow