Monday, 31 January 2011

#24: FAB elements

FAB elements

I am still developing as a photographer and I think I am just beginning to find my voice. For the next year I am working on my photography voice which I think requires a lot of attention to really develop as an artist. One of the things I love shooting is fantasy, anything to do with extraordinary people, special people and the unreal. My motto in my photography is shoot what you enjoy shooting and have fun, shoot the things which interest you.
The first editorial I did for FAB was based on the african mythos of the mami water (mermaid)
My next editorial was inspired by the Last Airbender story which M Shyamalan wrecked last year  :(
(That's an arguement for another time). You can already tell that I might just be a fanboy ........... but a cool one, well I think anyway. ;)
My missus and I always wanted to create a fashion story based on the Airbender world. I approached FAB magazine with the idea of creating a fashion story based on the four elements with a model representing each of the elements. My wifey put the styling ideas and looks together using some fresh and emerging designers from London. She did an amazing job on this shoot, gosh I am lucky dude to have someone that talented.

Monday, 24 January 2011

#23: Some recent portraits

One of the other aspects of photography that I love are portraits. Here are a few fine-art type portraits that I have created recently. Looking at the portraits I create, I feel they are made up of the essence of the subject and a bit of myself. I am beginning to think I am developing my own style to creating portraits (finally) ............ or maybe I am wrong?
I also noticed my choice of colour palette is moving towards some muted colours ......... interesting..........
These portraits are from some of shoot day portrait sessions and fashion shoots in the past year.

Friday, 21 January 2011

#22: Seeing red in the countryside

Today I am putting up something different. I have always enjoyed shooting landscapes but with a slight difference  with an infra-red camera. About 2 years ago I converted my old canon 350D camera into an infra-red camera to try out some infra-red photography. My camera was completely converted which was done by a professional as there is a bit of tinkering that happens on the inside close to the sensor. There are actual tutorials online on how to do this but since I have butter fingers, I wasn't going to push my luck.

The problem with infra-red photography is that exposure and metering are quite different from normal visible light exposure. Also it's always best to shoot in sunny days, to create great contrast and depth. Shooting in overcast and dull weather just comes out looking crap even with post production.
After the images are on camera I download and tweak the colours and presto.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

#21: Behind the scenes

Over the weekend my wife and I saw the show Fela! (
it was epic awesomeness and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

The following day I was out shooting in the british countryside of Radlett at a country house. I was working on a shoot for FAB magazine. This was a busy one shooting from 10 till 6.
Behind the scences at shoots are always manic with so much going, the place is filled with styling, hair and make-up, creative direction ideas and a whole load of people and patience.

Worked with a new great team 
Stylist: Linda Peters
Stylist assistant: Sherie Pretty Garbe
Models: Monique and La'rissa from D1 models
Hair Stylist: Andree
MUA: Barbara

Here are some behind the scene images of the day

La'rissa getting her hair done
Cindy, Ore (new designer) and Sinem (FAB editor)

Monique getting her make-up done

Suby (FAB creative director)

The magazine

Monique getting make-up

I don't know what was going on here

Dynamic Duo Suby Sinem
Obviously didn't take this, credits to Suby

Thursday, 13 January 2011

#20: Advertising work for Ile-Oba

Its great when you get a phone call for a commision, it shows somebody regards your work good enough for their brand. A few months ago I got a call from the creative director of Ile-Oba Funmi Immanuel who wanted myself and my missus to work on the images for her website and press pack. What was doubly cool was that she hired the missus for the styling for the shoot, there's nothing better than working with my wife, sharing and brain storming ideas.

Funmi creates Aso Oke (a traditional Nigerian attire used to make various garments) which presented a bit of challenge for my wife on the styling front as it is not conventional styling of fashion pieces. I think she did an amazing job putting things together and creating various looks.
Another great thing was that we were given creative control ........... AWESOME. Although that's great we decided to speak to Funmi to get insight into the direction for her company. This helped us develop a concept for the shoot, which was based on the name of her company Ile-Oba which translates into House of the King. We thought it would be great to push idea of the royalty and opulence which reflects Funmis garments and vision. This presented the challenge of finding the right shoot location, in this occasion shooting in a studio would not work for the concept. After some serious searching I found a great venue in Notting Hill that reflected old quirky royalty.

I think we did alrite considering we were in the process of moving house from the sticks of hertfordshire back to NW London. Man moving is stressful

If you are looking for some great Aso Oke pieces then visit
The talented Melissa Rose did the make-up and hair and Lola was our model for the day

Monday, 10 January 2011

#19: A FAB editorial part 1

One of the great things that I enjoy about photography is conceiving and executing an idea for
a shoot from inception till delivery. I tend to have about a dozen ideas circulating in my head at any given time, the challenge is bringing these ideas to the table and executing them in a photographic context.
Last year I did a few editorials for FAB magazine (A new and fresh African magazine, that is a
cut above all the rest). They commissioned me to shoot their swimsuit editorial which was a bit of challenge. I had never shot models in swimsuits and I wasn't sure what direction to go with the shoot. After some thought
and meeting with the editor, I decided to create a concept based on the african underwater goddess, Mami
water. The idea centred around an underwater haven for underwater mami water girls who reflected the strength and playfulness of the goddess.
Once I finalised the concept I discussed with the Fashion editor and created a moodboard of the look and style of the images. I worked with the FAB team who were great in bringing the ideas to images.
Working with a great team is one of the most paramount things on a shoot and I take the time to
research creatives and their style to know if it will fit in with my style.

The FAB team
Stylist: Yoanna Pepper Okwesa
MUA: Tamara Crockett
Models: Sylvie and Paula

Friday, 7 January 2011

#18: New year, New plans

Happy new year all,

Its the new year and the resolutions are flying around. I can't say I make new year resolutions
but I will definitely changing a few things and putting new plans in place. I am working on a few projects for this year, and my work is going to be more project based in 2011. I am excited about the ideas cooking up in my head.
A few new images from a portrait session with science writer Aarathi Prasad and her daughter Tara.

They are both gorgeous