Wednesday, 29 September 2010

#16: I was bored so I decided to test ................ AGAIN

Two weekends ago I decided to get in the studio and do some testing with two models who I had wanted to test with for a while .............. both gorgeous girls. I decided to also try my hand at some simple styling for the shoot. What do you think?
Holly has a great look with blue eyes and short bleach blonde hair ................ and she's six feet tall, she 's a frigin amazon. Zoe is nearly six feet with short brunette hair and beautiful face of an angel.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

#15: A test in Hyde Park

Ok I have to agree it is quite shameful that I haven’t updated my blog in yonks, so heres to turning over a new leaf and trying to get more posts in.
I went shooting with Michanou a few weeks back in Hyde Park, stunning girl from the Carribean. Michanou is looking to make a splash as a model in the fashion industry and she seems to be doing quite well for herself as she landed a gig at London fashion week through her agency Confidence models.

I decided to take a break from shooting magazine and commissioned work and do some testing with some new elinchrom lights I bought the previous week. I used to have some bowens spirit 750W kit lights ……………. powerful bugers but they were big, bulky and heavy. I was tired of getting a workout before every shoot so I decided to trade power and size for portability. My new elinchrom D-lite lights worked a treat and they are quite portable and easy to carry around ………………….. yes I am lazy.


Before shooting in parks or open spaces make sure you get a permit that allows you to do just that. Nearing the end of the shoot a lovely police lady informed me that I couldn't shoot there without a permit. A bit eye winking and flirting soon changed her mind ................... yea right!!!!!!! 
She so kicked us out, she was nice about it though ;)