Thursday, 31 March 2011

#27: A Burlesque encounter

Last week friday I decided to venture into the world of burlesque ................. something I never thought I would be doing, as 1. I didn't really care for going to a dingy venue, watch women take of their clothes and tease men and 2. I didn't want to seem like some perv.

 Now I am sure you are thinking, what the hell was I doing at a burlesque show in central London, well just for your information I was dragged by my hair kicking and screaming, by my awesome friend photographer Enimien, what can I say, she's a super strong badass.

Anyway safe to say I had some preconceived ideas about burlesque that were proved wrong. For one, the performers were not model types with the 'perfect' body that society has impressed upon on us, these were real women with real bodies. The performances were fun and sensual and not vulgar. Some acts were actually a work of art (I know right) mixed with showmanship ............ or show-womanship, if that's a word.

From my experience and observation burlesque seems to be about female empowerment and a celebration of the female body (which I believe is one of Gods awesome creations). This explains the high number of women present at the show in comparison to men and the encouragement factor in the crowd.

Now I can promise you if the roles were reversed and men were doing burlesque, you wouldn't have a lot of men encouraging in the crowd except they were gay (well I think anyway). Hmmmmm............... isn't that interesting, women are a completely different species.


Christ Couture Girl said...

LOVE that you've just done this because have u seen my latest post?! how random!

Paolo said...

Ha-ha-ha! Always said you needed to get out more :-) Great pics, good for you!

Faridah said...

At this point I would literally sacrifice an arm to work with you, amazing! I initially thought this was an orchestrated shoot, I'm beyond impressed :) :)