Wednesday, 2 March 2011

#25: LFW 2011

Last week was London fashion week and the crazy Fashionistas came out to play. The kind of stuff some people call fashion is bewildering, I guess it's their way of expression .................... yeap expression of craziness and delusion.
Anyho I was asked by the guys at Blow PR to get some images from a few fashion shows. I enjoy going to these shows and people watching ................. the fashion world is a very interesting place filled with beautiful people, fancy clothes, over the top dress senses, larger than life and over the top characters and some people that need a healthy dose of reality. "Oh so nice to see you darling" kiss kiss.
I covered Fashions Finest which is run by Sola Oyebade, Julian J Smith (which was photographed by my pal at Sherie, if you are into fashion check out her blog at ........... thanks for helping out buddy) and Pierre Garoudi.
I so want to photograph Pierre Garoudis collection, its very conceptual and Avant Garde.

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